Tuesday, 3 September 2013

"Honesty is such a lonely word..." - claims Billy Joel. Not where Hans Christian Andersen was born! :)

I think me and my research partner should do justice to the world's least corrupt country according to Transparency International as of 2013. A good half of our master thesis has been powered by engaging the experience of corporations headquartered in Denmark. In terms of Corruption Perception Index this country has remarkably outrun today's Singapore, the darling of Lee Kuan Yew fame for being the world's most known anti-corruption enthusiast. 

Source: www.transparency.org

Thumbs up, Danes! Thanks for your passive contribution to our least corrupt master thesis in the history of mankind* :D

* - no human beings were bribed in the making of our paper.**

** - to the best of my knowledge and if my memory still serves me.

P.S. Check out your country at http://www.transparency.org/country

Selective Law Enforcement. Moscow Style.

Imagine a well fleshed 'gentleman' who doesn't look particularly like a Harvard professor crossing the motorway against the lights right in front of a police unit. An officer tries to take him in for penalizing, but the guy struggles in his arms saying "No, no, sorry mate I'm in haste!". What would you expect a real cop to do here? Whatever crossed your mind, the guy just escapes while the officer doesn't stir a finger to break into a run. Instead he shifts his grievous farewell glance to look for another 'offense' to be mercifully made by a more feeble lad.

Serve & Protect

So, looks like our "valiant" "law" "enforcement" "authorities" do not even have the balls to stop you on the street to give you a penalty charge notice; in which case how are people supposed to feel protected by these guys?