Sunday, 30 June 2013

Välkommen till Ryssland: Part 1

St. Petersburg, Russia. Day 3. Well, this is awkward as anticipated. I’ll be attempting to list all the oddities I’m encountering throughout my back reintegration process.

1) Recycling. Do you guys even know what that is? Mhm, not even that. Let's put it this way: how about you at least throw empty glass bottles into trash cans instead of just leaving them wherever you finish your beer?
2) Driving culture? Well, I've got a BMW X6 / Mercedes GL / Lexus LX (tick as preferred), so I don’t care about that rubbish you guys call traffic rules. And you Pegueot people are just jealous, admit that and get out of the way. Better go and make some money instead of giving me lectures.
3) Why would I automatically convert any currency to Swedish kronor? Time to put up with Russian roubles, nephew.
4) My Russian is currently much better than on the day I just arrived here from Amsterdam. Still, cannot say I’m totally ready for a job interview or other events like that.
5) People on the tube, I can smile as much as I want. It’s normal and I’m not a sicko! Life is wonderful and you won’t bring me around to hate it (yet)!
6) "Hey, ya got a lighter?" "No. I don't smoke, sorry." "You don't smoke?? How come??" Oh man, just wrap it up and go along. 

Also, I'm going to Moscow tomorrow. Will see how it goes!