Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Selective Law Enforcement. Moscow Style.

Imagine a well fleshed 'gentleman' who doesn't look particularly like a Harvard professor crossing the motorway against the lights right in front of a police unit. An officer tries to take him in for penalizing, but the guy struggles in his arms saying "No, no, sorry mate I'm in haste!". What would you expect a real cop to do here? Whatever crossed your mind, the guy just escapes while the officer doesn't stir a finger to break into a run. Instead he shifts his grievous farewell glance to look for another 'offense' to be mercifully made by a more feeble lad.

Serve & Protect

So, looks like our "valiant" "law" "enforcement" "authorities" do not even have the balls to stop you on the street to give you a penalty charge notice; in which case how are people supposed to feel protected by these guys?

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