Saturday, 4 May 2013

Malmö: 275 days behind, 60 days to go

They say, time zips along, and indeed it does. I clearly remember hugging my Moscow flatmates in the rainy morning of August 14, 2012, and leaving our apartment to find myself on the plane doing landing approach above the windmills of Öresund Bay in a few hours. I'd had a touch of flue the day before, but the staggering views of Copenhagen and Malmö cured me in a quite remarkable way: looking back, the local moist climate was hardly congenial to speedy recovery :) And these views are still sustaining me in a way.

Öresund windmills
Orkanen biblioteket
I clearly like this place geographically, culturally and spiritually. The only thing that made me regret having chosen Malmö högskola as the place for getting my master degree for a moment was one belated discovery: University of Lugano (Switzerland), the place distantly adored by me so much, appeared to be a far more reasonably priced institution in terms of tuition fees. Still, I've decided not to be carried away with that, as 9 months spent in Malmö have exuberantly enriched me, and I firmly believe the resources I've spent were worth it.
In spite of the certain issues we encountered on the path towards completion of our master program here in Malmö, I've enjoyed my studies and learned a lot more within just 1 year, than I learned within 5 years of my bachelor program back in Russia. Even though my initial plan was to get a degree in corporate entrepreneurship, I chose to enroll in "Leadership for Sustainability". It is fair to say it was a shot in the dark, as I'd not even been familiar with the concept of sustainability as such. However it emerged that I liked it eventually and never regretted having discovered this field which is, putting it lightly, not a deep concern in the place I come from. Currently we've partnered with my friend and fresh father Stavri for working on our thesis. The topic is pretty challenging: anti-corruption policies used by multinational corporations. And I hope we will not have to bribe anyone to defend it ;P
Also, I am fortunate enough to be a part of a truly cosmopolitan university group where people come from literally throughout the world: around 90% of them come from countries other than Sweden. Great people, inspiring friends. 

Leadership for Sustainability 2012 ('Marshmallow Challenge')
Chillaxing after uni
My dormitory community is a story in its own right. And this community can deservingly be called a family. Together we've done so much reasonably and unreasonably crazy things, traveled so many miles, drank so many bottles, danced so many dances, sang (or shall I say, shouted) so many songs, ate so much international and less international food, jogged off so many calories, played so many games, made so many silly jokes, and sustained the unsustainable (which does not have to make sense).

Celsiusgården (Intake 2012)
Celsiusgården (Intake 2013)
I got so much used to this community that I can hardly imagine leaving this place. However, plenty is no dainty, and we will soon have to take our next steps. Even though I want to stay in the country or somewhere around, I've got no clue where I'm going to end up in a couple of months, and I've decided to be fine with it :)  

Ok, that's enough for now. As they say in Siberian English, 'talk not much!' :) 

Thank you my beautiful people! Russian guy's on patrol.